Turn your idea into a product

Spend your time on the idea and not the technological questions. With us you have a strong partner aside that takes away all of your IT-headaches to build mobile, web, cloud or desktop applications.

"Software is much more than code!"

-- Dejan Ilic, CEO

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Our Expertise

Who we work with

Many clients require from our development experts to deliver or improve their products. Independently if you have a running bussines, or you're ramping-up, we will be your strong partner for the software development needs. We promise you efficiency and fast delivery time, as well as modern and reliable software solutions for your users to enjoy.


Small and medium

Development and mantainace tasks are the never ending story of a successful business. We support SME's to extend, update, and optimize their existing products, or to enable them to reach their clients with a modern technological solution.

Whatever your IT headaches are, from buiding isolated software modules, front-end experience, back-end scalability, or new external API's, we are the right partner that will help you adopt your existing solutions to fit your market.



Start-ups with a great idea should not loose their business opportunities due to the lack of the development force. We support start-ups to build, grow, and expand their product to a mature solution that meets the critical business requirements for competitive markets of today.

In this way start-up members can dedicate their valuable time to the business execution, while knowing that their delevopment needs are in the hands of acknowledged ICT experts.



Your skills as an entrepreneur are required in all dimensions. Reduce your IT-responsibility and focus on critical tasks to ramp up your business.

We offer you an attractive contract- or partnership-based cooperation models that allows you to bring your idea to the market with less risk. Having a well designed and reliable product in your hands, and a strong developement team to back you up, will rocket your negotiation position with the investors.

Solution design

Desiging a product takes up to 70% of the product delivery life-cycle. Well designed products focus on the needs of businesses, while making the software reliable and flexible for their future requirements. We deliver you a technologically mature product while considering the critical needs of your business.

Front-end development

Users of today are very well informed of what software products are and those of a bad user experience are immediately rejected by users. Deliver your users a state of the art user experience and enable them to access your products and services from any type of devices. We will make you proud of how people talk about your products.

Back-end development

Your clients expect you to build a secure and scalable server- or a cloud-based system, while considering a tailored service API for your client applications. We will handle the needs of your back-end systems and make you the quality leader of your market.

Our Customers

Partners & Membership

The team

PowMio consists of highly-educated software engineers with over 10 years of experience in developing cutting edge software for SAP SE. Our team worked on both back-end and frond-end development of solutions, including mobile, web and stand alone applications. Our passion is to deliver quality and flexibility to our clients, such that we're sure that we're building the best products for their market.

The Management

Dr.-Ing. Dejan Ilić


Designing solutions for multiple international ICT projects, with responsibility of the entire software life-cycle. His biggest passion is working with creative and innovative businesses that are ready to impress their market. The knowledge gained from 3 different European universities and 5 years of Software Development at SAP-SE will ensure the quality of your products.

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